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A Disposable Protective Stethoscope Barrier

Every medical experience begins with a relationship: a doctor listening to and learning about a heartbeat. That moment, stethoscope to chest, is precisely why CoreShieldz™ was invented, because studies show that moment is potentially very dangerous for patients. Yes, dangerous. In a 2009 study, 78% of all stethoscopes were infected with MRSA, Staph or other microorganisms. Further studies have backed it up: Stethoscopes are often very dirty.

Infection Protection Made Easy.



The smart way to begin every patient exam.


CoreShieldz™ is a fast, effective, and affordable solution to help stop the spread of microorganisms from patient to patient via the stethoscope – CoreShieldz™ is simply a SMART way to begin every exam.

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of doctors’ stethoscopes had bacteria on them.

Why You Need It

Because the first rule of medical practice is

“Do No Harm.”

The stethoscope is an extension of the practitioner and has become the foundation for medical care worldwide. The stethoscope has been around since 1832 and is a symbol of the practitioner and patient relationship. The stethoscope is often the first action of a practitioner’s engagement with a patient , beginning the diagnosis and treatment process. Yet, little has changed with the cleanliness of the stethoscope diaphragm and science has proven that the stethoscope is a vector for microorganisms. The facts are clear.  The stethoscope continues to be a potential source of transmission of various microorganisms from patient to patient.

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The Benefits

CoreShieldz™ benefits practitioners and provides security for patients.

For Practitioners

By using CoreShieldz™, practitioners provide best in class infection protection for their patients. In doing so, they choose to be proactive. They are not ignoring documented studies that prove the stethoscope is a hub of microorganism growth and a danger point for infection transmission.

For Patients

CoreShieldz™ addresses the growing patient fear of walking out of a doctors office with something worse than they walked in with, due to exposure to infectious microorganisms. Patients also gain a deeper appreciation for the practitioner’s diligence in protecting against infections.

For Your Bottom Line

CoreShieldz™ costs just pennies per use. Just Pennies. This cost efficient amount enables hospitals, doctors offices, long term care facilities, clinics and other medical environments to further protect patients from unnecessary infections. Coreshieldz is designed to fit into the healthcare budget and deliver benefits of protection while becoming the worldwide standard of care for stethoscope safety.

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Hear what others are saying about CoreShieldz™


Using CoreShieldz™ is as easy and effective as changing gloves.

- Robert J. Harowitz, M.D. New Jersey

testimonial_quoteI used the stethoscope covers in the office all day. They were easy to use and convenient.  Most importantly, they kept my stethoscope clean. I don’t have to use a alcohol swab between patients any more. It saved a lot  of time. I know it will be very helpful in preventing infections in the office settings.

- Joseph Ahdoot MD, Pediatric Cardiology

testimonial_quoteRobert, just writing to let you know that your covers are very easy to use and that our emergency department patients appreciate that we use these covers.

- Ron Martinez, Physician assistant for emergency services – Los Angles

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Take the needed steps for infection protection.

CoreShieldz™ was designed with input from practitioners and patients. We are so confident that you will find significant benefit from CoreShieldz™ that we offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for your first order. If CoreShieldz™ doesn’t deliver on the efficacy and efficiency within the practitioner workflow or protect and impress patients, then we will take the product back and refund your payment.

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